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Register your interests for future recruitment

Although we might not be recruiting for certain positions right now, if you’re interested in working for us, please register your interest using the below form and we will get on touch when positions will become available.

The overriding principle governing our selection process is merit, and as a Police force, our practices in all areas including recruitment are consistent and fair.

However, we recognise that we are not yet fully representative and as a result are addressing this imbalance through a variety of initiatives aimed at people who are underrepresented. These initiatives are known as positive action and include support, encouragement and appropriate advice.

Northamptonshire Police promotes and actively practice positive action initiatives. We do this as we understand that a diverse workforce; one that is representative brings many advantages. It ensures we can employ skilled staff and officers with the core values to meet the high standards and expectations of the public in Northamptonshire.

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