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Lost Property Enquiries

Lost Property Enquiry Form

Lost Property

You can check to see if an item of property you have lost has been handed in to us by filling in the lost property enquiry form below. We do not take reports of lost property, or issue lost property reference numbers

If your insurance company has asked you to contact us for a reference number, you can send our letter for insurance companies to them. If you have lost property outside of Northamptonshire, please contact the force where the loss took place

You do not need to report the following items to us:

Driving licences, Passports, Military Service ID cards and other identification documentation - contact the issuing authority to report your lost item

Mobile Phones - we do not take reports of list mobile phones. Please contact your service provider as soon as possible to have your phone blocked

Bank Cards - please contact your bank to cancel the card and request a replacement

Found Property

If you have found property, your legal obligation is to try to reunite it with the owner. You could do this by putting up a notice near to where you found the item. You may be able to keep the item you have found on the understand that, if the owner comes forward, you must give it back. If we have retained the item, you can make a claim to keep it is the owner is not identified within 28 days.

There are certain items that you are not allowed to keep and claim under ANY circumstances. These include mobile phones, identification documents, weapons and war medals. If you find cash, you will not be able to keep hold of it but will be able to claim it after 28 days.

Lost Property Enquiry Form - NOT for reporting lost property

(please give date and time or estimation if not known exactly)
(information such as colour, make, model, serial number, contents and distinguishing marks can be useful)
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