The pre-join policing degree is a professional academic knowledge-based degree, based upon the national curriculum for the police constable role.

The pre-join degree can only be offered by organisations that have been licensed by the College of Policing. It is a three-year degree programme - if studied full-time - and is paid for by the student themselves.

If you wish to enter the police service via this route, you should achieve a pre-join degree before applying to join the police service. You would then need to successfully apply to join a police force as a probationary police constable. National and local entry requirements would need to be met, and achievement of the degree does not guarantee a successful application.

Once you have graduated with a pre-join degree, you will need to apply to join your chosen police force as a probationary police constable. To do this, you must:

  • Apply within five years of your graduation date
  • Meet all of the recruitment criteria for the particular force.

Once you have successfully joined a force as a probationer, you must then:

  • Undertake further practice-based learning and assessment in your force
  • Demonstrate competence in the police constable role
  • Complete the two-year probationary period, in line with police regulations.

For a list of universities licensed to offer the degree, please click here.

We have regular recruitment windows for applications to become a police officer. You can register your interest by emailing: [email protected]

Details are kept on file and during recruitment windows the work force planning team will notify you.