Sergeant Lewis Judd is one of our response team sergeants. Working from Daventry police station, his responsibilities include briefing officers in his team and reviewing and overseeing investigations – here’s why he loves being a police officer.

I had a keen interest in the police from a young age, and being a police officer was always something I dreamed of. During my A-levels I couldn’t see myself studying a purely academic course, so a policing degree really appealed. I became a Special Constable while I studied, then in 2014 I became a full-time police officer when I graduated.

Starting out as a response officer, I gained wide-ranging experience of all the types of jobs the police are called to, from burglaries to missing children and everything in between, before I passed the sergeant’s exam in 2019 and took up my current role.

A rollercoaster ride

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My first six months as a police officer were a real rollercoaster, including being first on the scene of a murder and arresting the suspect just two days after joining, and being first to attend the tragic death of a baby. Both these incidents really tested me and my colleagues emotionally, but with the support of a close-knit team and my family I was able to process them and carry on knowing we’d done all we could.

Years later, I still face new experiences on an almost daily basis, and this variety is the thing I love about working for the police. You can never predict what the next call will be, and I still have a burst of adrenaline when an emergency call comes in. In my role as a sergeant, I also really enjoy discussing the investigations my team are working on, looking at different ways we can tackle crimes to give a victim the best service. Helping an officer get a positive result in a case is a real buzz, and knowing we’re taking the fight to criminals who prey on vulnerable people is why I come to work.

There’s never a dull moment and always something to be getting on with, from making sure I’m aware of all the jobs my team is dealing with to reviewing investigation plans and making sure my officers have the support they need. Any downtime I have sees me out patrolling the local area trying to prevent crime before it occurs.

Pride in the policing family

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For me, the best part of my role is working with a team of people who are all committed to doing whatever it takes to help the community we serve. Northamptonshire Police is a great organisation to work for, I feel valued and the sheer variety of roles involved in policing means a career with the Force offers so many opportunities to be challenged and rewarded in equal measure.

My proudest moment is the still day I officially joined the Force. I’ve always wanted to give something back to the community I live in, and this career is the perfect way to do that. To know I’m part of an organisation committed to protecting the public, surrounded by likeminded people, is brilliant, and being paid to do the job I love is something I’ll never take for granted. Putting on my uniform and knowing that I’m going to try and make a real difference every day is the most rewarding feeling I could ask for.

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