*This route opens on Monday, October 18 and closes on Sunday, November 14. 
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Can you uncover your skills as a detective with Northamptonshire Police?

Detecting crime - seems simple enough. Not quite. The evidence isn’t always obvious. Which is why, we are looking for people who have the skills to uncover the truth, see the signs, gather the evidence, analyse the situation and interrogate the suspects.

We are looking for driven individuals to become detectives and help us investigate some of the most serious and complex crimes in the County.

People join the police to make a difference. Being a detective helps you take that one step further and really uncover the truth and bring people to justice.

Our detective pathway lets you join Northamptonshire Police on a tailored detectives’ course from day one.

Crime is changing. To adapt, we are also changing how we recruit. While many people will join us in uniform policing through our regular recruitment routes, we now offer the opportunity for people to come into a detective trainee role.

This is a unique opportunity to be part of something great, pursue an incredibly rewarding career and help make Northamptonshire safer.

What does a detective constable do?

As a detective, you will be involved in serious and complex investigations. The investigations will be varied, ranging from serious assaults, domestic abuse and fraud, to burglary, robbery and knife crime.

You could be working to safeguard a child or adult, ensuring you get the right outcome for victims. As well as managing your own investigations you will also support on major crimes like murder. Your role will involve identifying and analysing evidence, talking to witnesses and interviewing offenders.

It isn’t like the shows we might watch on TV but it isn’t a desk job either. You will talk to different people and have the skills to deal with some difficult situations.

We police the County 24/7, so you will be expected to work shifts.

What’s involved in becoming a detective?

As a trainee detective constable, you will start a two year probationary period. For the first 32 weeks, we will equip you with the knowledge and skills required of all police officers – like officer safety training, understanding key powers and procedures, making arrests – these are all vital skills regardless of which specialism you go into.

This period will include being tutored and going out on patrol with a tutor constable, before eventually going out on independent patrol.

Within nine months we aim to have you posted to CID. In this investigative environment you will put your learning into practice. Over the remainder of your two-year period, you will work towards your Accredited Detective Status.

You will be required to complete and pass the National Investigators Exam and Detective Training Course.

You will have you own investigations ranging from robberies and arsons, to serious assaults and complex fraud. You will also support major investigations into sexual assaults and murder.

At the end of two years, once your pass, you will be successfully confirmed into the rank of detective constable and also gain a Level 6 Diploma in Policing.

While you will manage your own investigations, you will be part of a wider team, responding to crimes, victims and witnesses. You will work alongside some of the best and most experienced detectives and tutors, who will provide support around how best to develop, learn and grow.

This is an exciting opportunity for someone with the passion, skills and drive to make a difference. If you have a degree in any subject and have a resilient investigative mind-set, attention to detail and a strong desire to help others, then this is for you.

As well as the varied and fulfilling work you will undertake, you will also start on a competitive salary of £24,780 which can rise £41,130.

Current vacancies

This route opens on Monday, October 18 and closes on Sunday, November 14.

Diversity, equality and inclusion

Northamptonshire Police has a strong commitment to equality and diversity, striving to employ a workforce that reflects the diverse communities we serve.

To protect people, fight crime and bring offenders to justice, Northamptonshire Police seeks to attract, recruit, develop and retain the best talent from the widest pool of people.

Our application process is open to everyone, and we regularly run positive action workshops to help people make the most of their application to us.

To find out more about diversity, equality, inclusion and positive action, look here.

We also have a direct email contact where you can find out more: [email protected]