Name: PC Lizzi England

Career prior to joining the Police: Physical Activity Coordinator for Northamptonshire Sport.

Why I joined the Police: Joining the Police force had always been an aspiration of mine right from a young age, more so because it appeared  an exciting and dynamic career. However, through my previous careers I developed a passion for helping others. When I joined Northamptonshire Police as a Special Constable, only then did I appreciate just how much of impact you could have on individuals lives and how much help and support you could offer. This spurred me on to apply to become a Regular Officer as soon as I could.

Journey so far: I am currently an Local Response Officer located at Campbell Square Police Station, where I work on a team with 8 other constables and 1 Sergeant. Since completing my training I have been posted in this position, however I have had the opportunity to be attached to the Proactive Team within Northamptonshire Police.

A typical day in the life of an officer: Every shift will start with a briefing from our Sergeant, this is where we gather new information and refresh our knowledge of those currently wanted and incidents of note. Quite often briefing will still be ongoing when we are sent to our first job of the day. I primarily respond to 999 calls and all other incidents reported via 101. On most days you never know what that day will entail, who you will meet, who’s life you may change and what time you will finish. Some days are better than others, but every day is different. My main role as a response officer is to protect people from harm whether that be searching for missing persons, attending domestic incidents, those suffering with mental health or dealing with anti-social behaviour… the list is endless, and there will always be something new to deal with.

Aspirations for the future within policing:I was fortunate to secure an attachment with the Central Proactive Team, where I worked alongside other Proactive Officer’s, tackling knife and drug related crime. This is something I wish to do in the future, I am also aspiring to join Firearms in the future.