If your collision is damage only, Northamptonshire Police will not investigate it as this is a matter for your insurance company. 

Where details have been exchanged between the people involved, there is no need to report this incident to the police. Should investigations conducted by your insurance company show any exchanged details as false, this matter can then be reported to the police, either online or by visiting a police front counter. 

Where no details have been exchanged, you should report this to the police, preferably online, whereby you will be given an instant referral number to provide to your insurance company. 

Alternatively, report the incident via a police front counter. Here you will receive a Northamptonshire Police incident number to provide to your insurance company to confirm you have reported the incident. 

Reports will only be investigated when details have not been exchanged and if there is enough evidence for the police to investigate, i.e. you can provide the registration number, make and model of vehicle.

If you believe the collision has been captured on store/shop CCTV, please make enquiries with the owner of the CCTV before you report the collision to Northamptonshire Police.

A collision which has occurred in a car park (either private or public) will NOT be investigated. An incident in a public car park (where there is no control over access to the area, such as shopping centre car parks or petrol garage forecourts) will be considered if the damage or injury is serious. A minor scratch/dent will not be investigated even if the other vehicle has failed to stop. This matter should be referred to your insurance company to progress.