It’s a Matter of Priority: Chief Constable Nick Adderley announces the crime types which the Force will target in the year ahead

Chief Constable Nick Adderley has unveiled an important campaign showcasing his Force priorities for the coming year.

“A Matter of Priority” is a new campaign spotlighting the four crime types which Northamptonshire Police will put a special focus on in the next 12 months.

The priorities have been identified, in part, due to the actual threat and risk they pose to communities across Northamptonshire, in particular the most vulnerable, but also because the public have told us that these are the areas they most want our officers to tackle – they are Serious and Organised Crime, Knife Crime, Domestic Abuse and Anti-Social Behaviour.

Supported by a long-running social media campaign, A Matter of Priority will help both the public and the officers of staff of Northamptonshire Police better understand why these are the areas which present the most risk and how the Force intends to drive down offending levels.

This dedicated page will also host quarterly data tracking performance against targets.

Domestic Abuse

The Force recorded more than 18,000 cases last year, an overall increase of 11.3 per cent. In the year ahead we will be targeting repeat victims and we will continue to take action against offenders and reduce victimisation. In addition, more officers – including all new recruits – will be given dedicated training in this area to raise awareness across the board

Knife Crime

This remains a serious concern within Northamptonshire where more than 1,000 people were victims of knife crime in the past 12 months. We will continue to take robust action against offenders and we will work with young people to explain the dangers of carrying knives – last month alone, one in three offenders were aged under 18.

Anti-Social Behaviour

Anti-Social Behaviour – ASB, as well as being a breeding ground for future offenders and organised criminality, affects the quality of life for so many people in communities across Northamptonshire and we intend to stop incidents escalating or repeating themselves. In the past year, ASB offending has increased by almost 15 per cent and with Covid restrictions easing and the peak summer period approaching, this remains a challenging area

Serious Organised Crime

Northamptonshire has been a target of ‘County Lines’ drugs networks in recent years and police have made significant inroads already, dismantling a number of large criminal networks which exploited vulnerable people to carry out their legwork. This work is ongoing and relentless.

Serious Organised Crime is a complex area and also covers modern slavery, child exploitation and fraud.

Mr Adderley said: “Public feedback has been key to identifying these priorities. These are the crime types which people have told us they most want us to tackle and we will do so, relentlessly, in the months ahead.

“It is crucial that people understand why special focus will be in these areas and, supported by a media campaign highlighting progress and success, I’m confident that we can build further the trust and confidence of the communities we serve in Northamptonshire Police.

“Protecting vulnerable people is an important thread which connects them all and by pursuing these offenders, we will reduce victimisation and make this county a hostile place for criminals.”

Northamptonshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner Stephen Mold said: “These priorities reflect key areas of concern for the public, who fed back very clearly in the consultation I held earlier this year. As the public’s voice in policing, I share these priorities with the Chief Constable and am reassured that he will give them robust attention.

“We want our police service to be efficient and effective at keeping people safe, and I look forward to the delivery of this important piece of work.”