Our Mission: Fighting Crime, Protecting People

Our Vision: Northamptonshire Police will provide an outstanding policing service, putting the public first in all that we do, and in doing so will support stronger, safer and sustainable communities.  

Our Values: Public Service, Transparency, Impartiality and Integrity

In addition to the mission, vision and values, the Chief Constable has also developed a Leadership Ethos for Northamptonshire Police for all officers and staff to follow.

You can find out more by reading our full Leadership Ethos.

Together with the Leadership Ethos, there are 12 Leadership Qualities that help distinguish those that rise to the challenge of leading the organisation.

Every person working for the police service must work honestly and ethically. The public expect the police to do the right thing in the right way. Basing decisions and actions on a set of policing principles will help to achieve this. The Code of Ethics defines a set of principles based on ‘fairness’ and ‘respect’ as research has shown these to be crucial to maintaining and enhancing public confidence in policing.