Stronger Together

At Northamptonshire Police, our focus on Diversity, Equality & Inclusion is integral to how we serve the public and our workforce, treating everyone with fairness, equality and respect.

Northamptonshire Police engages with the public, having open and honest communication. The communities in Northamptonshire are growing and changing. Understanding the needs of the people that live, work and visit Northamptonshire helps us to do our job more effectively. Being sensitive and responsive to individual needs improves the services we deliver and reduces the risk of harm.

Putting victims and witnesses first, working in collaboration with our partners, our diverse workforce is better able to recognise the varying needs of victims, witnesses and individuals across the county.

We are Stronger Together and together we will create a culture where diversity is valued, where our people and communities are engaged and included, feel empowered, appreciated and supported and are proud to be a part of this county.

Our aim

Northamptonshire Police aims to provide an efficient and effective policing service that is accessible and responsive, and builds the trust and confidence of the communities we serve.

As an employer, Northamptonshire Police is committed to creating an inclusive environment which promotes and supports inclusivity and respect. We will develop a culture that supports our communities and partners and celebrates all aspects of diversity. Achieving our aim to lead to a working environment that is free from discrimination, harassment, bullying and victimisation.

Our strategy

Our strategy has two elements and they provide a framework to continue our progress on diversity, equality and inclusion, the delivery of fair outcomes and to ensure legal compliance. In so doing, we will deliver a fair and responsive service that engages effectively with our staff, our partners and our communities and builds on our organisational values and culture.

The two elements are as follows:

1. Our communities and partners

We will work with our communities to deliver meaningful, consistent, high quality, visible and transparent engagement that increases trust and confidence and
meets the needs of diverse communities.

We will work with partners to improve the reporting of hate crimes and incidents and better support victims. We will deliver effective and consistently high standards of investigation, recognising that failure to do so has a detrimental impact on the confidence those communities have in the police.

We will engage with our communities, improving communication and building trust and confidence to ensure all communities have a voice.

We will ensure the code of ethics is embedded in all we do and is pivotal in our interactions with those we come into contact with.

We will ensure that the use of powers are used fairly, effectively and legitimately without fear or favour. With the support of our local communities we will make sure these powers are subject to high levels of public scrutiny.

We will work with our partners to develop strategies that enable more effective public service provision across our communities.

2. Our organisation

We will build an inclusive and supportive working environment that encourages
development, progression and retention of officers, staff and volunteers. Creating
a culture where all staff are engaged, feel valued and where people want to come to work.

We will ensure our values are at the heart of the service we deliver by being honest, fair, approachable and reliable. We will take responsibility for delivering a service that is effective, efficient and legitimate. We will be confident and clear in making decisions that are professional, ethical and ensure we apply the Code of Ethics in our behaviour and professional practice.

We will develop our officers, staff and volunteers to better understand diversity,
equality and inclusion and the positive outcomes that will be delivered if this is
truly embedded within our organisation.

We will create an inclusive culture where people, no matter their background, feel
confident to disclose their characteristics.

To read more about how we are working to delivery in this area, read our diversity, equality and inclusion strategy.

We have broken down our stragegy into four key priority areas, so that we are clear about what we are focusing on and how.

Staff support networks

The force is keen to recruit people with a wide range of skills and experiences and an understanding of cultural issues. We have a number of support networks that are available to all officers, staff and volunteers, including:

  • Association of Muslim Police
  • Christian Police Association
  • Disability and Carers Support Network
  • Maternity Buddies
  • Menopause and Endo Support Group
  • Northamptonshire Black Police Association
  • Northants Police LGBT+ Network
  • Women’s Forum

Positive action

Northamptonshire Police has a strong commitment to equality and diversity, striving to employ a workforce that reflects the diverse communities we serve.

To protect people, fight crime and bring offenders to justice, Northamptonshire Police seeks to attract, recruit, develop and retain the best talent from the widest pool of people.

For these reasons we actively encourage individuals from any background to consider applying, through the use of positive action. We are currently seeking better representation from minority groups and females.

To contact the team, email them at [email protected] 

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