Northamptonshire Police has now launched a major new recruitment campaign to continue attracting people to the police ranks.

Following the success of a campaign last year, which saw police numbers rise from 1254 in March 2019, to 1309 in April 2020, the force is hoping that with the help of a new video, people from across different communities will consider themselves for the role of a police constable.

The increase in police officers represented an intake of 154 officers last year to fill positions made available through an increase in the precept, the funding provided by the Government following the Prime Minister’s announcement, as well as vacancies that became available through retirements and leavers.

The Be a #Forceforgood campaign hopes to encourage people from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities as well as those from other diverse backgrounds such as the LGBTQ community, to apply.

The Force hopes to see increases in applications from minority communities in order to achieve greater representation within the service and one that mirrors the community it polices.

The video will be aired on ethnic TV channels and across social media.

The new recruitment drive also aims to appeal to the public who have shown real community spirit during the pandemic, and can continue showing their support and being a #Forceforgood by joining Northamptonshire Police.

Chief Constable Nick Adderley, said: “I’m really excited by the launch of our new recruitment campaign and I hope people who watch our new video or see any of our posts on social media, will feel reassured and motivated to apply.

“We have a long way to go before the force is truly reflective of the communities we serve, but we are aspiring to achieve that.

“We know how important it is that people from diverse communities and indeed all walks of life can relate to and feel represented by us.

“In these extraordinary times, we need extraordinary people.”

The Force has made a number of changes to how it recruits and how people can progress through the stages while maintaining social distancing guidelines.

For more information on how to apply go online here