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Crime Number:

Example: NP/12345/99

Access Code:

The above details can be found on your crime letter.


This is an online service for victims of crime - Northamptonshire Police are committed to improving the way we communicate with the public. We are pleased to be able to offer this online service. When a crime is reported and a crime number allocated, victims are able to go online to track the crime investigation as it happens.

Offering greater choice

TrackMyCrime doesn't replace speaking to a police officer in person, but it does give a choice as to how and when you are updated. It also allows victims of 'acquisitive' crime - that is robbery, theft or burglary - to update details of property believed to have been stolen.

Note: This site does not display certain serious or sensitive crimes, or crimes where there is no specific identified or known victim. All logins to this facility are recorded and monitored.