Northamptonshire Police Forms


Crime Number:

Example: NP/12345/99

Access Code:

The above details can be found on your crime letter.


This website is no-longer updated with the latest information for your crime. If you have logged in before, you can still access the system to see the last update, and ask the Officer in Charge to move your crime onto the new Ministry of Justice Track My Crime website, which will replace this system.

Offering greater choice

TrackMyCrime doesn't replace speaking to a police officer in person, but it does give a choice as to how and when you are updated. It also allows victims of 'acquisitive' crime - that is robbery, theft or burglary - to update details of property believed to have been stolen.

Note: This site does not display certain serious or sensitive crimes, or crimes where there is no specific identified or known victim. All logins to this facility are recorded and monitored.