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Mounted volunteer helps return stolen items to owner

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A police volunteer helped return property to its rightful owner after using her horse to search for a stash of stolen items.

Marian Stefani is part of Northamptonshire Police’s Volunteers on Horseback scheme, helping to keep an eye out for problems in rural areas around Ashton in south Northamptonshire with her horse Boysie.

At the end of January Marian was contacted by a farmer who had spotted a large pile of items carefully stacked in the corner of a field. She then rode out on Boysie, using her elevated position to search for and locate the items.

PC Abbey Anstead, wildlife and rural crime officer at Northamptonshire Police, said: “Once Marian had found the items, I went out with her and recovered them. With the help of local PCSO Pete Firth we were able to identify them as property taken from a stolen vehicle in Shutlanger.

“The owner was very grateful to have all his items back as they included some high value equipment he needed for work. Marian and Boysie are a great example of the excellent work done by our volunteers on horseback, and how they help us as a force maintain good working relationships with the rural community.”

To find out more about the Volunteers on Horseback scheme, email Jean.Mears@northants.pnn.police.uk or follow @NorPolVol on Twitter.

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