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Witness Care

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The Witness Care Unit takes care of victims and witnesses from the point of when someone is charged with an offence to the end of the case. 

The unit informs victims and witnesses about the progress of their case and any outcomes, they can also make any arrangements for witnesses going to court and offer support. The witness care unit will be the main point of contact if your case does go to trial. 

Vulnerable and intimidated witnesses may need help in giving evidence, in these cases a witness may be entitled to special measures. This can involve screens in the court room or giving evidence by a live link and the removal of court attire such as wigs and gowns. 

At the end of the process the Witness Care Unit will inform you about the final result in the case and explain any sentence given, they will also tell you if an offender appeals against their conviction or sentence. 

The Witness Care Unit is part of Voice, the victim and witness service for Northamptonshire, and can be reached by calling 0300 303 1965.

More information about the support available at Voice can be found at voicenorthants.org 


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