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What to look out for

Doorstep crime takes two forms:

Distraction Burglary Tactics

Distraction Burglars or ‘bogus callers’ will call at a house with the intention of tricking their way inside to steal money and/ or other valuables.

  • Distraction burglars may be smartly dressed and claim to be from the water board, the council, the police, health organisations or charities
  • They may say they need to turn off the water because of a leak, use the phone because their car has broken down, or perhaps say they have lost a pet
  • The caller may be a man, a woman or even a child and they will use any story they can to try and gain access to the property

Rogue Doorstep Traders Tactics

Rogue Doorstep Traders will use a trade as a means to extract large sums of money from people.

  • Offering services such as driveway re-surfacing, block paving, roofing, fascias, gardening or selling goods such furniture, alarms or mobility aids.
  • They may claim you have loose roof tile or that a tree you have is unsafe and needs to be trimmed
  • They will often give a very low quote that will increase when work begins
  • Sometimes they will drive victims to the bank and will often come back on future occasions to get more money


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