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Theft of Asian Gold Jewellery

Due to the increase in the price of precious metals, gold has become a target for thieves across certain areas of the country. In particular Asian gold is seen as an attractive option for thieves.

Although Northamptonshire has seen some isolated cases, overall we do not have a major problem with theft of gold. However, we know that this remains a concern amongst communities living and working in Northamptonshire.

To reassure members of the public we would advise communities to follow these crime prevention tips:

  • Invest in a safe, and ensure that it is securely fixed to a brick wall
  • Alternatively, consider using a bank safety deposit box to store gold or high value jewellery
  • When wearing jewellery in public, be cautious and discreet to avoid attracting unwanted attention
  • Photograph each piece of valuable gold or jewellery with a written description - this will help in appealing for information and returning it to you if it is stolen. Ensure you also have an agreed valuation from your insurance company
  • Make sure your jewellery is marked with a product appropriate for use on jewellery visit www.securedbydesign.com for property marking products
  • Remember to lock all external windows and doors including rear and side entrances when you go out
  • Consider joining your local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme, if there is no local scheme why not start your own?
  • Review your current home security arrangements to ensure that they are adequate. When addressing security consider the value of your belongings kept within the home. For further crime prevention advice visit our Crime Prevention pages.

A small investment in security will provide you with greater peace of mind and could prevent a financial and emotional stress later.

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