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Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch is a partnership involving the Police and local people working together to make their communities safer. Neighbourhood Watch encourages crime prevention and aims to help people protect their property, as well as themselves. Information is shared in regard to improving home security, encouraging greater vigilance, and accurate reporting of suspicious incidents to the police. Neighbourhood Watch schemes can also help build community spirit.

Aims of Neighbourhood Watch

  • To encourage neighbourliness and closer communities
  • Encourage residents to look after each others’ homes when they are out or away - even to the extent of taking in milk, pushing mail and papers through letter boxes, and opening and drawing curtains
  • To persuade the public to take security precautions and mark property
  • Help residents feel more secure in their own homes, particularly the elderly and vulnerable, by reducing the fear of crime by knowing that neighbours and friends are nearby observing any suspicious activity
  • To build a two way communication with the Police
  • To encourage residents to report suspicious incidents and crime to the Police on the dedicated watch line 01604 888 964 or Northamptonshire Police’s non-emergency number on 101. If a crime is in progress, always dial 999.

Insurance companies may give a discount on household contents premiums to acknowledge the fact that people involved in Neighbourhood Watch schemes are a lower 'risk'. Research carried out by a leading insurance company suggested that residents in Neighbourhood Watch Schemes are six times less likely to be burgled than non-members.

How to set up a scheme

First, you need to contact the County Neighbourhood Watch office on 01933 664 146 or e-mail ifearnley@cairassociates.co.uk - they will put you in touch with your local Support Team who will guide you through the process and help you canvas neighbouring properties to establish if your neighbours are interested in starting a scheme. Experience has shown that 10 to 15 members is a sufficient amount within an area. A meeting will then be arranged with the members and members of the Police, so that crime prevention aspects, as well as the mechanics of Neighbourhood Watch can be discussed. 


In addition to reporting incidents to the police, it is imperative that members communicate with each other. Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators will disseminate information received from the Community Messaging System to their members in the most appropriate way. There are a number of Area Support Teams across Northamptonshire, and Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators can attend their meetings and seek advice, share successful tactics, or meet other co-ordinators. Notifications of these meeting will be sent via the Community Messaging System.

Neighbourhood Watch ContactNorthamptonshire County Executive administrator – Ian Fearnley01933 664 146 or ifearnley@cairassociates.co.uk


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