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Information for Businesses

The public can play a key role in supporting the police by remaining vigilant, being security minded and having good security measures in place.

You can protect your business against crime and make the work of terrorists more difficult.  A small investment in security measures greatly enhances the feeling of security on behalf of everyone and helps protect those around you.

Things to consider:

  • Remind your staff to be vigilant at work and when travelling to and from the workplace
  • Remind staff not to leave personal possessions or other items unattended as this can cause unnecessary security alerts
  • Encourage staff to immediately report suspicions to their line manager
  • Encourage staff to challenge unknown visitors or unusual behaviour.  Is access to your premises controlled? Are passes issued to visitors/contractors?
  • Are your premises covered by CCTV?  Is it working correctly?  Are the images properly recorded and stored?

In addition to the information on our website, business security advice can also be found on the MI5 website.

Consider Business Continuity

Is your business resilient?  Can your business operate without power or would you be able to relocate to another location (e.g. home-working)?  Business continuity plans can help you prepare and plan to conduct your business should something out of the ordinary disrupt your working practices (whether from a terrorist attack, criminal activity or even unusual weather). 

Things to consider:

  • Prepare and regularly review Business Continuity plans – these can help you mitigate adverse impact on your business from terrorist, crime, fire, weather damage etc. 
  • Have you a robust telephone/e-mail cascade system for contacting staff out of hours?
  • Is essential data/records stored off site?  Can IT systems be accessed remotely, if required?
  • Have you robust banking and financial arrangements in place in order that payments can still be made and your business sustained?

Further information can be found on the website of the Business Continuity Institute.  

Do you need advice?

Counter Terrorism Security Advisers

Northamptonshire police has dedicated Counter Terrorism Security Advisers (CTSAs) who are coordinated, trained and tasked by the National Counter Terrorism Security Office, a specialist police organisation located within the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure.

The primary role of these advisors is to provide protective and counter terrorism security advice to support businesses and the public sector.  The advice available takes into account both conventional and non-conventional terrorist techniques and the aim is to reduce vulnerability to terrorist threats.  The CTSAs work closely with other police forces throughout the country, government departments and other agencies.

Our Services

The CTSAs offer advice and help free of charge on all aspects of counter terrorism security to a broad range of businesses including retail, financial, transport, major entertainment and tourist locations, medical research/educational institutes, utilities and the farming industry. 

Subjects covered include:

  • Risk assessment
  • Bomb threat response
  • Physical security measures
  • Mail handling procedures
  • Business continuity and contingency planning
  • Transportation of dangerous goods
  • Secure storage of pathogens, toxins and radiological materials

CTSAs deliver a variety of briefing packages to inform a wide range of audiences, some of which have been developed on a national basis (such as ARGUS and GRIFFIN) while other presentations are specifically designed to meet the needs of the customer.

Project ARGUS

Project Argus explores the ways in which businesses can prevent, handle and recover from a terrorist attack. It achieves this by taking businesses through a simulated terrorist attack and challenging them to explore the options available and identify their main priorities should such an attack occur.

Project Argus highlights the importance of being prepared and having the necessary plans in place to help safeguard staff, customers and company assets.

Bespoke Project Argus packages are available for the following business sectors:

  • Argus Retail
  • Argus Night-Time Economy
  • Argus Hotels
  • Argus Ports
  • Argus Education
  • Argus Professional
  • Argus Health
  • Argus Major Events

The events are free of charge and most last for approximately three hours. They are interactive and require audience participation.

More information about Project Argus is available on the Government website here

For further information please email ctsa@northants.pnn.police.uk 


Project Griffin aims to raise awareness among security personnel about terrorism and the measures that can be taken to counter the threat so that they are better equipped to deal with their organisation’s security challenges on a day-to-day basis and in the event of a major incident.

Project Griffin is recognised nationally as good practice and an industry standard by security companies.  The learning from Griffin can also be applied to tackling criminal activity.

Project Griffin covers:

  • The current terrorist threat to the UK
  • Commonly used methods of attack
  • How to recognise terrorist/criminal attack planning/preparation
  • How to report suspicious behaviour  

Events can be tailored to your needs and will be held at your premises.  There is no cost to your business.  Attendees will be given certificates to form part of the professional development portfolio.  More information about Project Griffin is available here.

Further information

For non-urgent crime prevention advice, please contact your local Police Crime Reduction Officer through your local Neighbourhood Policing Team.  If you feel that your company would benefit from counter terrorism security advice, please contact us.

Email: ctsa@northants.pnn.police.ukTelephone 101 (or 03000 111 222 if you are calling from outside Northamptonshire) and ask for one of the following extension numbers: 345901, 345870 or 343256.


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