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Anti-Social Behaviour

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Taking action in your area

We all like to have fun, but when it affects other people it's time to stop and think.

We have local operations in place to deal with the small percentage of people who behave in an anti-social manner and therefore cause nuisance and distress within their communities.

While people gathering to chat and socialise isn't in itself an offence, it may become so if individuals start behaving in such a way that might cause a nuisance or distress to others. People have told us that they can become intimidated or frightened by large groups.

If a group starts getting rowdy, using intimidating language and behaviour towards passers by, drinking alcohol and getting drunk in public - especially if underage - using drugs, littering or causing damage to property such as graffiti. We take this kind of activity very seriously.

Through talking with local communities and by the number of incidents reported, we have identified a number of 'hotspot' areas where we know these problems have been happening.

Along with responding to incidents as and when they occur, strategies include extra patrols in the hotspot areas, stop searches, taking under-age drinkers home, seizing alcohol, issuing Section 27 notices (which forbid individuals from returning to the area within 24 or 48 hours) and warnings issued to nuisance motorbike users. Where appropriate we will arrest offenders.

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