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Northamptonshire Police Association


The Northamptonshire Police Association was formed in 1946, following the Second World War, with specific aims to encourage and maintain social contact with members and former members of the then Northamptonshire Constabulary and to arrange an annual reunion. In the early days of the association, when demand for policing services was limited, time off was granted to serving officers for inter-divisional sporting activities such as football, cricket and rugby with annual trophies being awarded to the successful Divisional teams. However as the years moved on and demand for policing time increased such activities ceased with the only remaining sporting activity, linked to the association, being the annual golf tournament between serving and retired officers.

The annual reunion, in the form of a dinner linked to the Annual General Meeting of the association has continued throughout this time.

In more recent years activities of the association, in the form of visits to places of interest, shows and holidays, have focussed more towards retired officers.


The NPA is open to both serving and retired officers and staff. If anyone would like to become a member please contact Sam Paterson on 101 ext. 3513 or ext. 2007 or via npa@northants.pnn.police.uk who will send a form requesting relevant details.

Originally membership was restricted serving and retired officers of the force although at its annual general meeting in 2009 membership was extended to include spouses, partners, widows and widowers of association members. At the same meeting a commitment was made, by the committee, to work towards the convergence all other social activities, ie the Retirement club, annual reunions, police ball, Christmas party, carol service etc under the umbrella of the association. That work continues to date.



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