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Please click on the link below for information about how to make a complaint:

Making a complaint



Video calling with SignVideo

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Quick Start Steps

1. Click the 'Connect to Sign Video' link below

2. Connect to a SignVideo interpreter and tell them you are calling Northants Police '101' number.

3. SignVideo Interpreter may ask you if you wish to prepare anything before starting the call.

4. You will then be connected to a '101' advisor in British Sign Language (BSL).

What you need to know about SignVideo

Northants Police has recognised that people who are deaf face challenges in communicating via the telephone in order to gain access to the services we offer. To make us more accessible to the deaf community, we are now working with Sign Video to provide a solution for non-emergency contact for people whose preferred or only method of communication is via British Sign Language (BSL).

The solution is simple, a BSL User can connect to a BSL Interpreter at Sign Video via video calling using a link on the Contact pages of our website (www.northants.police.uk). The BSL Interpreter will telephone the Force Control Room (FCR) and relay the information provided to them by the BSL User and vice versa. The BSL Interpreter will communicate via BSL with the caller and speak to the FCR.There is no requirement to register for this service and it is available to any person who wishes to communicate via BSL to contact the Police. All you need to do is download the appropriate software - there is a helpful video of a BSL Interpreter that will guide you through this process and click on the link on our contact pages.

IMPORTANT: Legislation prevents us from using this solution as an alternative to the 999 service, so currently, this service is only available for people to report non-urgent incidents or crimes or to seek advice/guidance from the Police only.

How can I use SignVideo?

In the event of an emergency, there is a national service that allows people who are deaf or hard of hearing to request the assistance of all emergency services via SMS text messaging. To do this, you will need to pre-register - we recommend that you do this before you need to make an emergency call so that the service is available to you straight away when you need. For further information, please visit www.emergencysms.org.uk.

Alternatively, you can contact the Police using the Text Relay Service. Our contact numbers are: Emergency: 18000 / Non-Urgent: 18001 01604 432521

What is an emergency?

If you need to report an incident whereby a person's life is at risk or there is an immediate threat or use of violence then this is an emergency. Likewise, if a crime or incident is in progress or has just occurred. If you are not sure, providing you are reporting a genuine matter and are acting in good faith, you wont be criticized for using the emergency route.

What is Sign Video


Contact Crimestoppers

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When you call Crimestoppers we don't want your name, just theirs.

Crimestoppers is a charity that enables people to get information passed to the police without revealing their identity.

• we can't trace your calls
• we don't record your call
• you don't go to court

Call Crimestoppers anonymously. Your call can really make a difference.

0800 555 111
Contact Online



Do it online

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Contact information

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Call us

Emergencies: 999
When should I dial 999?

Non Emergencies: 101

15p per call
For details of 101 charges - click here
+44(0) 3000 111 222

Email us
Monitored Mon-Fri during office hours. Any urgent matters should not be reported via email.

Write to us


Northamptonshire Police, Force Headquarters, Wootton Hall, Northampton, NN4 0JQ


The Police and Crime Commissioner for Northamptonshire PO Box 273 MFSS Accounts Winsford CW7 9FW, Phone: 01606 366800 (Options 5 and then 2)


More Contacts

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Northamptonshire Police's Corporate Communications Department

Corporate Communications provides the media with information about incidents happening throughout the county.

As well as updating this website throughout office hours, staff respond to daily media press requests from local, regional and national journalists during normal office hours.

To contact Corporate Communications, you will need to call the Force switchboard number on 101 (or 03000 111 222 if you are calling from outside Northamptonshire) and then dial ext. 341063.

The Corporate Communications office is open 8am to 5pm, Monday through to Friday (excluding bank holidays). The point of contact for out of hours media queries is the Force Control Room Inspector on 101 (or 03000 111 222 if you are calling from outside Northamptonshire). Alternatively please call our voicebank on 0871 550 0893.

Support Groups and Helplines

Please click here for details.

Keep Safe Card

Please click here for details.

Police Dependants' Trust

Please click here for details.

Other Agencies

CPS Northamptonshire 01604 823600 www.cps.gov.uk/eastmidlands
East Midlands Ambulance Service 01908 262422 www.emas.nhs.uk
Northamptonshire Fire & Rescue Service 01604 797000 www.northantsfire.org.uk
Citizens Advice Bureau 01933 274343 www.citizensadvice.org.uk
Virtual Global Task Force   www.virtualglobaltaskforce.com
Trading Standards 01604 707900 www.tradingstandards.gov.uk
Northamptonshire Chamber 01604 671200  
Northamptonshire County Council 03001 261000 www.northamptonshire.gov.uk
Northampton Borough Council 01604 837837 www.northampton.gov.uk
Corby Council 01536 402551 www.corby.gov.uk
Kettering Borough Council 01536 410333 www.kettering.gov.uk
East Northamptonshire District Council 01832 742000 www.east-northamptonshire.gov.uk
Wellingborough Council 01933 229777 www.wellingborough.gov.uk
Daventry District Council 01327 871100 www.daventrydc.gov.uk
South Northants Council 01327 322322 www.southnorthants.gov.uk


Find a Police Station

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Click here to find a police station



Don't Misuse the 999 Line

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  • Is it safe to eat an out of date yoghurt?
  • I’ve been followed home by a cat
  • My son is in police custody and we want to know where he has put the TV remote control
  • I’ve got no credit on my phone, can you tell my partner I’m stuck in traffic
  • I need to know what the time is

Believe it or not, these were all 999 calls made to Northamptonshire Police.

Around 120,000 999 calls were made to Northamptonshire Police last year and while most were about serious emergencies, a constant average of around 24 percent were not appropriate, and about 13 percent were deliberate hoax or nuisance calls.

Mick Stamper, who leads the Force Control Room, is urging people to make sure that they use the 999-line appropriately, as they could be blocking the call of someone who is in a life or death situation.

It can be hard to judge what is or is not an emergency, but in general, you should call 999 if:

  • Someone’s life is at risk or someone is being physically threatened
  • When a crime is in progress or if the offenders are still nearby
  • There is a road traffic collision causing personal injury or danger

Deliberate hoaxers can and will be traced – police can see a number from which a call is made and will call it back!

When should I dial 999?

The 999 number should only be used for real emergencies - when life is at risk, when you see a crime in progress or there is a traffic incident involving personal injury or danger. All 999 calls go direct to the Control Room and are dealt with on a separate priority system, so that calls which are not true emergencies could cause a delay in getting help in some other life-threatening situation.

So what is a real emergency?

If you, or someone else, is being attacked or someone is putting their own or another's life in danger DIAL 999 IMMEDIATELY.

For example: If you are being violently attacked by another person, if you see a street robbery, if you notice someone on top of a high building who is obviously disturbed and could jump, if you see a child being abducted or approached by a stranger in very suspicious circumstances, if you can see one person violently attacking another, then these are all TRUE emergencies which need police assistance as soon as possible.


If you see an incident and then later realise that what you saw might have been suspicious - for example some stranger hanging around in your street or looking at vehicles - that is not a true emergency. You should inform the police, but not via the 999 system. Telephone 101 instead.

If you see a crime in progress DIAL 999 IMMEDIATELY.

For example: You may return to your home to find intruders inside, you may see a neighbour's house being broken into, you may see masked men going into a shop and suspect a robbery is in progress. These are TRUE emergencies and require immediate police intervention.


If a crime has already happened, for example you return home from a holiday to find your home has been burgled, or you return from a country walk to find your car has been broken into, or you find out after the event that some other crime has taken place, these are not true emergencies. Immediate police attendance is not required, so please inform the police by ringing 101 and do not dial 999.

If you see a road traffic incident happen where injuries are sustained or there is danger to other road users - for example on the motorway - or if you are involved in a serious road accident causing injuries or danger, DIAL 999 IMMEDIATELY.


If you witness a road traffic incident in which there are no injuries or danger involved, and you have information you think the police know about, please call in on 101 and do not ring 999.


A service to help people who are deaf, blind, have hearing difficulties or are speech impaired (formerly TypeTalk).

For emergencies - 18000For non-emergencies - 18001 01604 432521

For further information, TextRelay contact details are:Telephone: 0800 7311 888Textphone: 18001 0800 7311 888Fax: 0151 709 8119Email: helpline@textrelay.orgWebsite: www.textrelay.org



Other ways to contact us

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Text Messaging Service (SMS) and Text Relay

People who are d/Deaf or HoH (hard of hearing) can report non-emergency incidents or make enquiries via out dedicated text messaging (SMS) or Text Relay services.  Each message will instantly be received by our staff in the Force Control Centre (FCR) and responded to as soon as possible.

For further information please contact our Disability Access Services:

Disability Access Services

Northamptonshire Police

Wootton Hall



Tel:  01604 888963 (24 hours)

Email: keepsafecard@northants.pnn.police.uk

Text Relay Service

Text Relay for emergencies        18000

Text Relay for non-emergencies  18001 01604 432521



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