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I joined the Police Service...

Student officer cohort from Northamptonshire Police say why they chose a career in policing.

P0889 Polly Scott

"So I could have a personal, positive impact on people's lives."

P1013 Sam Gardner

"For a long and rewarding career and the ability to make a difference."

P0333 Hannah Ackford

"In order to be in a challenging and rewarding role and to protect the people of Northamptonshire from harm and make a positive difference to the community I serve."

P0293 Paul Gale

"To make a positive difference to the community in which they live"

P0437 Sally O'Neill 

"To have a challenging and varied career"

P0524 Thomas Goodman

"For a rewarding career where I can help protect the community that I live in."

P0268 Alexandra Freeman

"As I like a challenge and I wanted to join to help keep our county safe."

P0562 Damian Gray

"In order to fulfil a lifelong dream"

P0737 Tom Roberts

"To see the other side of life"

P0312 Rob Brown

"To try and make a positive difference to people’s lives and the community that they live in"

P0083 Louise James

"To protect and help people in their time of need"

P1418 Karen Macleavy

"Because I wanted to make a difference in my community and be a positive role model for my children"

P0320 John Clayton

"To do a job which has purpose and to do something meaningful in my career."

P0134 Greg Gostage

"For the variety of career options available. As well as the daily challenges, and the changing working environment"



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