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A day in the life... Detective Inspector James Avery

A little history.

I joined Northamptonshire Police when I was 18 years old having just completed my A-levels. At the time I considered going to University and a wide range of other careers however, since I can remember I had a strong interest in the Police with my Father having been a career Detective in London.

The police had already fascinated me due to the diversity of the job and I had grown up with a strong sense of right and wrong. The idea of helping people in their time of emergency was appealing so I submitted my initial application and the rest is history.

I completed my two year probationary period between 2008 – 2010 during which I rotated between different roles including the prisoner investigation unit, safer community teams and then ending with a permanent position on a response team based at Campbell Square.

I remained on a response team as a PC for a further 2 years during which time I had the fantastic opportunity to become trained in response and pursuit driving, method of entry and PSU public order.

With some encouragement from family and friends, I took my Sergeants law exam and then a further assessment in 2012 which I passed. In early 2013 I was lucky to have the support and encouragement of a fantastic line manager which assisted me in a securing a Temporary promotion to uniform Sergeant on a response team in Northampton where I remained for 18 months.

In 2014 despite my passion for response, I opted to take a change of direction and joined the Domestic Abuse Investigation Unit during which time I took the National Investigators Exam. Having passed the exam I embarked on the Initial Crime Investigators Development Programme which led to my accreditation as a Detective.

In 2015 I successfully passed a force promotion board to the rank of Sergeant and was posted to the role of Detective Sergeant within the force MOSOVO team responsible for the management of Sex offenders and violent offenders.

Later that year, again with some encouragement and support from senior officers, I took my Inspectors law exam which I passed and in May 2016 I was temporarily promoted to Detective Inspector in charge of Adult Safeguarding for the force.

In August 2016 I was successful at the force Inspector promotion board and was substantively promoted to Detective Inspector to hold the permanent position within Adult Safeguarding.

I oversee several teams within Safeguarding including MOSOVO who are responsible for the management of sex offenders, the Specialist Domestic Abuse Unit, the Vulnerable Adults team and the Mental Health team. I also undertake the Duty DI role where I oversee all crime investigation across the Force for certain shifts.

My role is extremely varied. I can be in charge and oversee high risk operations to target the most dangerous offenders whilst supporting officers with the investigation of serious and complex crime. A large proportion of my role involves close working relationships with partner agencies through MARAC and MAPPA and I am always looking for ways to develop our practices to ensure people are kept safe from harm.

My future aspirations are firstly, to support and inspire officers to achieve their full potential. A common theme within my story is the encouragement and support I was provided by a variety of individual officers which played a huge part in giving me the confidence to get to where I am today. Having seen the importance of this, I am passionate to ensure I make that investment in others.

In the future I aim to continue my professional development as a Detective and qualify as a Senior Investigating Officer.



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